Nov 22, 2017 Awais Liaqat

C++ Program To Find Greatest Number Between Three Numbers
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This program shows the greatest number between three numbers using if-else-if statement. It takes three numbers as input from user and output the greatest number.

Source Code:

using namespace std;
int main()
    int n1, n2, n3;
    cout<<"Enter First Number: ";

    cout<<"Enter Second Number: ";

    cout<<"Enter Third Number: ";
    if(n1 > n2 && n1 > n3)
        cout<<"First number is greatest "<<endl<<"which is: "<<n1;
    else if(n2 > n1 && n2 > n3)
        cout<<"Second number is greatest "<<endl<<"which is: "<<n2;
        cout<<"Third number is greatest "<<endl<<"which is: "<<n3;
    return 0;

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