Frequently asked questions

Following are some questions that asked by our users and visitors. We tried to answer them to their satisfaction level, still there is any ambiguity you can contact us at info@goit.pk. Why we use Goit.pk? GoIT.pk introduces a learning plateform where everyone can learn freely and easily with his personal interests. Our professional authors are doing a marvelous jobs to fill up our learning gap. We have a motto to build a community where everyone have a passion of learning, not just because of earning and fame but for their own satisfaction, where everyone have a passion to share knowledge. We highly appreciate you if you contribute to our community.
GoIT.pk is much more efficient and faster than any free Learning Management System. It has a nys flat design and eagled eye on security, because security is our first priority. How GoIT.pk care about our privacy? GoIT.pk is very strict about our privacy policy because users data is very sensitive thing, one can use it for bad purposes and much more things can be done on internet. So we care about our user's data. For more information, read our Privacy Policy. Having an account is necessary or not? Signup is not necessary, but if you make an account then you will experience many new features of GoIT.pk. Without any account, you can view the blog posts, give reviews and comment on the blog articles. But if you have an account, then you will recieve notifications when the authors ,you following, add something and also you will be experienced with your own private reading list. You can save your favourite articles in reading list and can read those when you want, and much more like this.
In case of files and documents, without any account you just like, dislike, comment and download only public files means those documents that has no privacy. But if you have an account then you will recieve notifications and can download private files as well.
So, atlast I can say that having an account is much better. If you still have no account go to signup page and just make an account and enjoy the features of GoIT.pk. Why email verification is required? Firstly, email verification is necessary for the activation of your account. Secondly, if you forget your password then it's your email that helps you in recovering your account again. What if I not verify my email? If you do not verify your email you may not accessible to your account. In case if you forget your password you can't recover it from your email address. Why I am not able to posts articles and files? You can posts articles in any catagory and also upload files, but you need to become an author first for writing blog articles and uploader for uploading documents. You need to just tell us at info@goit.pk, send us your few good articles and we will review it and will back to you if we feel it's professional and unique. Then you will be ready for posting blog articles.
In case of uploading documents, you have to just tell us at info@goit.pk. We will back to you as soon as possible.